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School Opening Times

Mon - Thurs 8:30am to 4pm

Fri 8:30am -1pm

A Typical Day

At 8:30am the children are greeted by one of the teachers. From that moment they are free to choose their work cycle, independently or with others. 

Frequently the children tell us exactly what they would like to do, so it’s our role to empower them and help them help themselves. As every activity has a positive learning goal we trust the children to follow their own instincts and make their own choices. 

The only time we will interrupt the free work cycle is when we come together for news or grace and courtesy activities before going outside. 

We ensure that we go outside every day in the morning and afternoon, encouraging the children to be aware of the importance of fresh air and exercise. The natural environment – a place of wonder for children – is integral to our curriculum. We endeavour to go for walks out in our local countryside on a weekly basis to meet the sheep, look for flora and fauna, and bring back samples into the classroom to reflect on our finds. 

Snack table is set up in the classroom where the children help themselves to fruit, raw vegetables and houmous to dip into, with milk or water to drink. We limit contributions of cake or biscuits to birthdays and special occasions, when we all celebrate together with candles. 

The morning session finishes at 11:30am after spending time in the garden. Lunchtime is a social event with adults and children sitting together, where good manners and social skills are actively practised. 

The children bring in a healthy packed lunch and are involved in preparing the tables and washing up the crockery afterwards. 

After lunch together we all go out into the garden again to get some fresh air before coming together again for the afternoon work cycle. The day finishes at 4pm where the children shake hands and say goodbye to the directress and other teachers before being escorted to their parents. 

We use a Blossom education online platform to track and understand your child’s development. We build a strong partnership with parents by sharing your child’s development through the learning journeys and golden moments. 

When the child leaves we create a formative report compiled of all the information and observations that your child has achieved for you and your child to treasure. 

kids at desk web .jpg

Children choose their own work and work independently. 


Healthy Snacks are available throughout the morning. 


Meet the sheep, while out for a wintery walk.

Cultural & 
Harvest Year

An important aspect of teaching is to observe the world around us. We bring the children's attention to different cultural and harvest related activites throughout the year.  

A day at West Acre Montessori School:

08:30 Children arrive, hang up their coats and change into indoor shoes.

09:00 Circle time, register, news, singing, dancing.

09:15 Work cycle starts. Children choose their activities and work with the materials throughout the morning.

Healthy Snacks are available throughout the morning until playtime. Fruit milk and water is easily accessible for the children to help themselves.

11:00 Out to the garden. Lots of physical and free play with the other children.

11:45 Morning Children Only

Change shoes, put on coats. Collected by parents.

12 noon & 12:15 Lunch and All Day Children
Come inside, wash hands ready for lunch.

12:45 Lunch Only Children

Get changed ready to be collected by parents.

12:45-13:00 All Day Children

Out to play.

13:15- 13:30 All children inside.

Circle time, register. Start afternoon work cycle.

Drinks available throughout the afternoon.

15:00 change shoes, put coats on.

15:30-16:00Collected by parents.


Music is an integral part of our day, using inside and outside spaces for singing, musical instruments and dancing. 


and Thursday Afternoons

Our teachers have recently undergone training in the Mini Me Yoga programme to bring yoga to our classroom. We feel it adds a huge benefit to the children and teachers. 

Children’s yoga can help to keep the mind and body healthy and strong. There have been reports that suggest children learn more, are better able to ‘self-regulate’, are more sociable and able to share, and are stronger physically than children that don’t do yoga.

To learn more about the programme visit the Mini Me Yoga website here

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